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New request for extension of hours music is allowed from newly-founded Old Town Catering & Entertainment Association

Old Town
11 Nov 2022 / 12:51

CORFU. The Association is asking that its request be heard for an extension to the hours that music is allowed without Corfu Old Town being excluded.

The newly-founded Old Town Catering & Entertainment Association has sent a request for an extension to the hours that music is allowed to the local authority with a memorandum attached.

Following the municipal council's eventful decision in August to reject the request for an extension from the Catering Association, the new association, which has broken away from the Catering Association, has raised the issue again.

The Association states the following in the memorandum:

The huge limitation is hitting us financially and deprives us of the ability to continue operating our businesses due to the current economic crisis. Our aim is to create a harmonious coexistence with town residents and not to create conflict with anyone.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation where we cannot work due to the lack of a single set of regulations for businesses in the historic centre and those elsewhere. The Municipal Council's regulatory provision is creating a situation of unfair competition. It unfairly differentiates the historic centre from the rest of the island without providing any countervailing measures.

What is being requested

Businesses in the historic centre are requesting the following:

1. To be informed of the legal basis for the establishment of hours allowed for music to be played, apart from Artcle 26 in the regulatory provision and especially with regard to the Archaeological Department.

2. The removal of the last section of the regulatory provision which differentiates the historic centre from other businesses with regard to extending the hours allowed.

3. To take account of the Association's requests for an extension to the hours that music is allowed which will apply to all businesses without Corfu Old Town and the historic centre being excluded.

The Board of the new Association

The Association elected a new Board of Members a week ago with the following businesspeople:

President: Yiannis Vlachos
Vice-President: Dimitris Nousias
Secretary: Giorgos Tsonas
Treasurer: Kostas Vasilakopoulos
Quaestor: Eleni Vitouladiti
Member: Iraklis Foteinos
Member: Giorgos Tsenebis

See the Association's memorandum here