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Ionian Islands Regional Administration: Collection of goods to send to Ukraine

02 Mar 2022 / 15:55

CORFU. Donations will be collected at Regional Authority centres from Thursday 3 to Friday 11 March.

Ionian Islands Regional Administration is collecting goods to be sent to the Ukrainian people in their great ordeal, in collaboration with the Hellenic Red Cross.

Individuals, groups and organisations are invited to donate healthcare items and basic necessities.

Healthcare items

- Elastic bandages of all sizes
- Mucosal antiseptics (e.g. Betadine, Octenisept)
- Sterilised dressings of all sizes
- Unsterilised dressings of all sizes
- Syringes of all sizes
- Vaseline gauzes for burns
- Paracetamol pils
- Glucose for injections (Dextrose)
- Water for injection 2ml, 5ml, 10ml
- Hard neck collars

Basic necessities

- Baby powdered milk
- Powdered baby food
- Cereals
- Pulses
- Pasta
- Tinned food
- Evaporated milk

Corfu collection point

Donations will be collected from Thursday 3 to Friday 11 March, 10:00 - 14:00 at the former Prefecture (opposite Municipal Theatre) 26613 62320