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Ionian University Music Department’s new building in ‘Pallada’

Ionian University
03 Jan 2022 / 17:12

CORFU. The project is set to be completed in two years from the signing of the contract.

The open tender for the construction of the new building of the Ionian University Music Department, a project with a €15-million budget, which is part of the Institution’s wider building development project and is funded by the Operational Programme ‘Ionian Islands’, has been published.
Since its establishment in 1992, the Ionian University Music Department has been housed in a historic building in Corfu Old Fortress, the rooms of which are no longer sufficient to accommodate the Department's ever-increasing needs.
The new building is designed to support all the educational, research and creative needs of the Music Department, including modern music performance venues, a composition and recording studio, a church organ and an events hall of high acoustic and electromechanical standards.
The building’s architecture, as reflected in the study and as approved by the responsible authorities, matches the character of the area, which is close to the new Corfu Fortress. The project includes the complete execution of all special and non-special construction works, so that the building can be delivered to the university and be ready for full and safe operation within a period of two years from the signing of the contract.
The new building will be constructed at ‘Pallada’ on a plot of land owned by the Ionian University, near the area where the Institution’s second student residence in Corfu will be constructed. This is the first step of the Institution's wider building project, which is currently being implemented with a total budget of €50 million.