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Serbs displeased with sunbeds on Vidos Island - Spyros Neratzis΄ response

10 Aug 2020 / 16:17

CORFU. According to recent articles, the placement of sunbeds and umbrellas by Central Corfu Municipality on the small beach on Vidos has caused displeasure amongst Serbs.

The small beach is near the Serbian Mausoleum and the articles say that is is inappropriate that a spot that is a sacred memorial for their people should be turned into a place for bathers.

Enimerosi spoke to Councillor Spyros Neratzis, who is responsible for Vidos Island, and he said that there the area has always been held in respect and that we have excellent relations with the Serbian community. "There is no tourist or commercial activity from the Municipality or any other businesses at this small beach.

This small beach has traditionally been a spot where Corfiots come to swim - especially elderly people who live in Corfu Town and can't travel great distances. They usually brought their own umbrellas, which is why we put up these ones that are all the same and in good condition.

This year we cleaned up and beautified the whole island and the area round the Mausoleum, where we removed two large trees that were damaged."

Spyros Neratzis expressed his surprise at the articles as he, himself, hasn't received any complaints from any official body or association.