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Mulled wine in Old Town Hall Square on Sunday

26 Dec 2019 / 09:58

CORFU. Open invitation from San Giacomo Cultural Society - Sunday 29 December at 12:00 in Old Town Hall Square.

Whatever the weather is like, San Giacomo Cultural Society invites everyone to come and enjoy the festive spirit and at the same time help Corfu Old People's Home.

San Giacomo Cultural Society issued the following announcement:

"On Sunday 29 December at 12:00 we will be in Old Town Hall Square at the 'Christmas Fairy Tale' whatever the weather is like!

Let's all enjoy some mulled wine together and support a good cause! We'll be waiting for you!

Enjoy the treats and warm yourself as we exchange festive greetings and collect whatever we can for the residents of Corfu Old People's Home. Come and enjoy and give joy!"