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Christmas atmosphere with...spring weather!

24 Dec 2019 / 14:29

CORFU. There was a festive atmosphere in town from early in the morning as everyone took advantage of the lovely weather to take a walk in Corfu Town.

The Christmas spirit could be felt in Corfu Town today.

With weather which made you forget it was the end of December, Corfiots enjoyed a stroll through Corfu Town this Christmas Eve morning. Christmas music was all around and children's voices could be heard singing carols.

It was also, of course, also an opportunity to do some last-minute shopping with the shops staying open until 18:00 today.

There was a constant flow of people through the streets enjoying the Christmas atmosphere throughout the town.

Most of all, it was a day for the children, who had the opportunity this year to enjoy the Christmas Fairy Tale in the 'San Giacomo' Old Town Hall Square.