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Chocolate ΄waterfalls΄, sugar fairies, elves and reindeer in San Giacomo Square!

11 Dec 2019 / 10:22

CORFU. For the first time ΄San Giacomo΄ Old Town Hall Square will be transformed into a Christmas fairy tale this year from December 21 to January 6.

For the first time the square in front of the Old Town Hall will be transformed into a Christmas 'fairy tale' by the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality from December 21 until January 6.

The Municipality issued the following announcement:

"For the first time.... ΄San Giacomo΄ Old Town Hall Square will be transformed into a Christmas fairy tale this year!

With this wonderful Municipal celebration we will be able to enjoy the magic of Christmas with special happenings and surprises!

Dress up in your best mood and wander amongst elves and fairies, enjoy tastes, music and colours, let the festive spirit embrace you with joy, hope, adventure and fairy tale magic!

A Christmas fairy tale with Christmas elves who are at this moment working hard to prepare all the games that Santa has on his list.

Our Santa, according to an official announcement from the reindeer will arrive in Corfu on Saturday 21 December at 17:30. He will land in the Old Town Hall Square with his helpers and get to work straight away!

He will set up his 'post office' in a small wooden hut where all his young friends can come and meet him. With him will be the wise head builder, the designer of his sleigh and Bushy Evergreen, the great inventor of the magical machine that makes all the toys!

All together they will put stamps that have come all the way from the North Pole on the letters with children's wishes.

His elves, along with the Chief Sweetmaker from Reindeerland, will make a chocolate 'waterfall' which will give smooth warm chocolate to all the children. And that's not all!

The Sugar Fairy will make sweeties, multi-coloured gum and delicious treats with stardust and icing sugar. She will be handing out caramel delights to all the children that come to her stall. And there are more surprises...

Pepper Minstrix, the guard and winemaker in Santa's village, will be making mulled wine with his own secret recipe. He will be sharing it with everyone and bringing a smile to the faces of the grown-ups! He is a little sly...he wants to warm everyone up so that they can start dancing. Of course, he will be helped by his musical friends, the bands and choirs, who will get everyone, young and old, dancing to the Christmas songs. And if they're having difficulty, there will be professional dancers from the dance schools on hand to help them. Magical steps and gentle pirouettes to the wonderful melodies at this splendid Christmas celebration!

Of course, there will be some who will be working hard - like the Fairy Mrs. Multicolour. She knows she has a lot of work ahead of her and she is already getting her paintbrushes ready! With magic stardust, ecological paints and golden inspiration she is getting ready to paint happy faces on our young friends. Her only problem is with the mischievous goblins who are always trying to mess up her paintings!

This year, however, she has taken the precaution of bringing Mrs. Drawer with her, who can draw straight lines with her brush. A multi-talented helper who, rumour has it, comes from Santa's village and so has been given two jobs to do. Creative artwork and magical tricks that she will teach to the children so that they can make extra-special gifts for their friends!

And there are plenty more surprises...but they are still a secret! We'll just tell you one - the Fairy Tale Storyteller will be coming. A close friend of Santa's reindeer keeper who is a premanent resident of Lapland. He will be there every day to tell stories to the children and will complete his programme with the "Christmas Fairy Tale", which has been prepared with a lot of love, fun, goodwill and imagination. A fairy tale we hope to share with all of you to transform our town into a big festive stage.

The Christmas fairy tale will be a memorable experience for all with its art and fun and above all the shining impression it will leave on the children's hearts!!

Please note! Dress up in your best spirit with your sweetest smile and we will be waiting to welcome you!

Opening: Saturday 21 December at 17:30 in the Old Town Hall Square.

Daily: 11:00 - 14:00 / 17:00 - 22:00

21 December - 6 January

Admission to all events and activities is free."