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Contract signed for the restoration of Temploni landfill

Temploni landfill
02 Jul 2019 / 15:18

CORFU. The deadline for the completion of the work is nine months from the signing of the contract.

The contract for the restoration of the three cells at Temploni landfill was signed at the Town Hall this afternoon by SYDISA President Spyros Aspiotis and a representative from the consortium Elektor Watt. The budget for the project is 3,478,200 Euros (including VAT).

The project includes:
Earthworks, reinforcements, roadworks, construction, landscaping, final coverage etc. The deadline has been set at nine months from the signing of the contract and the establishment of the contractor has been set from today's date (2/7/2019).

Present at the signing were Corfu Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos, the new Mayor for Central Corfu Meropi Ydraiou, representatives from the consortium that has been contracted to do the work and other officials.

In statements to the local media following the signing the Mayor, the new Mayor, the President of SYDISA and representatives from the consortium stressed the importance of the project for the long-suffering Temploni area as well as for the whole island. This is an important project which, along with the signing off of the waste management facility in a few days, opens the way for integrated waste management in Corfu.