Corfu Environmental Protection Association reports land clearance on Gerekou Island wetland

CORFU. A serious complaint has been lodged about landfilling of the Gerekou lagoon wetland by bulldozers.

Οκτωβρίου / 2019

Corfu Environmental Protection Association has lodged a serious complaint and a report was sent by the Board on 18 September to the relevant authorities regarding the destruction of the wetland which has been classified by the Ministry of the Environment as a protected area.

Landfill work has been carried out on the wetland on Gerekou Island and, according to Corfu Environmental Protection Association, there is still a bulldozer there.

The Association said that of all the authorities they sent a report to only the Port Authority has responded.

In its statement the Association says:

"On the south side of the Turkish Cape - Gerekou Lagoon opposite and in sight of the Venetian Shipyards landfill work is being carried out by bulldozers which are filling in the shoreland (Greek State property) in a small 17-stremma wetland area expropriated by the Ministry of the Environment and classified as a protected area.

In the wetland there is a field with rare, protected plant species (such as limoniun and others). It is also a habitat for protected species of birds such as martin pescatori, grey heron, heron and others.

Landfill work has been carried out on the wetland and the bulldozer is still there waiting to continue its environmental destruction.

Something needs to be done immediately to save the wetland and stop the work being carried out. Those responsible must be made to restore the area to way it was before the landfill work."