Aegean Airlines announcement: Cheaper domestic fares with ΄Transport Equivalence΄

ATHENS. Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air are participating in the ΄Transport Equivalence΄ programme.

Μαΐου / 2019

This will allow islanders to take advantage of the programme in their domestic air travel.

The Ministry for Mercantile Marine and Island Policy's Transport Equivalence (M.I.) Programme aims to bring the cost of public transport between islands or between islands and the mainland in line with the cost of transport on the mainland for the same distance.

The Transport Equivalence measure covers flights within Greece for permanent residents to and from the islands where they live, with the exceptions of Crete, Evia and Lefkada.

To take advantage of the programme eligible islanders have to register on the Transport Equivalence website and obtain a Unique Islander Number (M.A.N.). When electronically booking a ticket with Aegean the M.A.N. must be entered when submitting personal details (see below).

Full details on the Transport Equivalence (M.I.) website.