International Culinary Get-Together in the Palace Gardens

CORFU. A ‘culinary’ stroll through the historical centre of Corfu....with a taste of Britain!

Μαΐου / 2018

On Saturday morning there was an International Culinary Get-Together in the Palace Gardens with all those involved in the Corfu Food & Wine Festival for a meal based on Homeric Cuisine.

The event was conducted by Spyros Voulisma along with the visiting international chefs: Leonid Gelibterman, Rashid Rakhmanov, Giuseppe Galardi and Jane Mortensen. In attendance were Deputy Regional Governor Nikoletta Pandi, Corfu Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos, Deputy Mayor Vassilis Kavadias, the Presidents of Corfu Hoteliers Association and Tourist Accommodation Owners Babis Voulgaris and Pericles Katsaros and fedHATTA Board Member Vassilis Kontos plus others.

Great Walks

There followed a British Walk - covering parts of the old town which clearly show British influence as well as points of British culinary interest. British Embassy chef Jane Mortensen tried the Corfu version of Sheperd’s Pie at Starenio and cooked fish and chips at Pane e Psaraki at Pentofanaro.

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