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blood donation

15 Nov 2023 / 11:03
Urgent need of blood for injured motorcyclist

CORFU. The injured motorcyclist is in Corfu Hospital ICU in serious condition.

16 Oct 2023 / 14:55
Donation of modern Blood Donation Unit to Corfu Hospital

CORFU. The previous hospital director, Leonidas Roubatis, announced that the effort he had initiated during his tenure has been successfully implemented.

02 Mar 2023 / 14:53
Tremendous public response to call for blood

CORFU. A large number of students as well as people of all ages went to the former psychiatric clinic to donate blood for those injured in the Tempi train crash.

01 Mar 2023 / 19:29
Τrain crash in Tempe: Corfu Hospital donates 20 bottles of blood

CORFU. The Corfu Technical Chamber offered another 20.

18 Aug 2022 / 12:09
Voluntary blood donation at Municipal Theatre on Friday

CORFU. On Friday 19 August between 10:00 and 13:00 at the Municipal Theatre (back side) at Ioannou Theotoki St.

21 Jul 2022 / 14:50
Central Corfu Municipality - voluntary blood donation

CORFU. Mobile Blood Donation Unit in Theotoki St. from 10:00 to 13:00 on Friday 22 July.

10 Aug 2021 / 12:50
Voluntary blood donation at Municipal Theatre on Friday

CORFU. The Voluntary Blood Donors Association of the Corfu Surgical Association in collaboration with Corfu Hospital Blood Donation Unit are organising a voluntary blood donation.

06 Apr 2021 / 10:55
Spyros Gelekas painting donated to Corfu Hospital by Vraganiotika Cultural Society

CORFU. The gift was made in recognition of the tremendous work done by the hospital Blood Donation Unit.

27 Jun 2020 / 10:49
Alternative Cultural Workshop: Limited activities in Upper Square

CORFU. Due to coronavirus the Alternative Cultural Workshop held just a limited number of activities in the Upper Square this year instead of its normal festival.

16 Jun 2020 / 11:34
World Blood Donor Day in Corfu

CORFU. There were two days of voluntary blood donation on 14 and 15 June.

10 Jun 2020 / 10:16
Voluntary blood donation in Corfu Town

CORFU. Organised by Corfu ΄Elias Politis΄ Association.

09 Jun 2020 / 10:17
Voluntary blood donation from Asteras Kerkyra football club veterans

CORFU. Veteran players from Asteras Kerkyra football club have set up a blood bank.

08 Apr 2020 / 10:23
Corfu Hospital Director: Let΄s not forget those who need blood

CORFU. Since 16 March, as part of the measures for coronavirus, there has been a new safe location for blood donation.

27 Mar 2020 / 16:51
Voluntary blood donation from Corfu scouts

CORFU. Corfu scouts responded to the voluntary blood donation week, 23 - 28 March, at the Medical & Surgical Association.

14 Sep 2019 / 00:00
Voluntary blood donation in Acharavi

CORFU. Acharavi Women΄s Association is organising a voluntary blood donation.

08 Mar 2019 / 00:00
17th Municipal voluntary blood donation in the new pedestrian precinct

CORFU. On International Women΄s Day the Municipal Blood Bank Committee is organizing a voluntary blood donation.

27 Jan 2019 / 00:00
Temploni Cultural Society: Voluntary blood donation and New Year΄s Cake

CORFU. Organized by Temploni Cultural Society in collaboration with the family of Andreas Kakarougas.

18 Oct 2018 / 00:00
Voluntary blood donation for Police Day

CORFU. Police personnel will be donating blood at Corfu Police Headquarters on Thursday 18 October 10:00 - 14:00.