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Potamos bridge

18 Sep 2023 / 13:25
Tenders invited for final renovation work on Potamos bridge

CORFU. Repairs will be made for the complete reinforcement of the stone bridge, which will then be accessible to buses.

09 Feb 2023 / 10:32
Potamos bridge closed for repairs

CORFU. Repair work has finally begun on the bridge after a 15-month wait.

21 Dec 2021 / 21:11
Repair of Potamos Bridge approved by Central Archaeological Council

CORFU. The Potamos Bridge was severely damaged during the ‘Ballos’ storm.

20 Oct 2021 / 15:50
Civil Protection Minister visits Potamos Bridge and Afra Bridge

CORFU. Civil Protection Minister Christos Stylianides and Secretary to the PM Christos Triantopoulos visited Potamos Bridge during their short visit to Corfu today.