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Food and Wine Festival

29 May 2023 / 16:03
Mayor Meropi Ydraiou meets with Serbian delegation

CORFU. She met with ex-footballers and participants in the Corfu Food and Wine Festival.

24 May 2023 / 09:17
Corfu Food & Wine Festival 2023 - Taste the Music

CORFU. 25 - 28 May

03 May 2023 / 15:55
School pupils competition: "Artistic Culinary Creations"

CORFU. Pupils from the participating schools will have to produce something with up to three healthy recipes (sweet or savoury).

24 Sep 2021 / 14:37
3rd Corfu Food and Wine Festival Programme

CORFU. The 3rd Corfu Food and Wine Festival begins on Monday 27 September with producers from all the Ionian Islands taking part for the first time.

13 May 2019 / 10:48
Flavours from Crotone and Corfu with Chef Gaetano Nikoletta at Marina΄s Tavernaki

CORFU. Chef and pastry chef Gaetano Nicoletta was in Corfu for the 2nd Food and Wine Festival.

11 May 2019 / 09:33
Flavours and music from the time of Capodistrias at Corfu Old Palace

CORFU. 2nd Corfu Food and Wine Festival

11 May 2019 / 00:00
Recitation of Solomon΄s Asma Asmaton by Petros Gallias at the Synagogue

CORFU. Corfu Food and Wine Festival - Shir HaShirim-Asma Asmaton.

28 Mar 2019 / 07:42
Lausanne joins Capodistrias City Network

CORFU. The existing members are Corfu, Nafplio, Aegina, Ammochostos and Koper-Capodistria (Slovenia).

06 Jul 2018 / 06:10
Three new Interreg ADRION proposals for the European Silk Road

CORFU. Strengthening of ties between Corfu and Venice as well as in the wider Adriatic - Ionian region.

14 Feb 2018 / 13:38
Corfu Food and Wine Festival: Invitation to agricultural producers

CORFU. 1st Corfu Food and Wine Festival organizational meeting.