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΄Capodistrias΄ Rotary Club donates new blood donor chairs to Corfu Hospital

Corfu Hospital
14 May 2024 / 15:07

CORFU. To collect the funds required, the Rotary Club organised a series of activities throughout the year.

Corfu 'Capodistrias' Rotary Club donated and delivered four modern mobile blood donor chairs, valued at €10,000, to Corfu Hospital.

This donation constituted the club's annual goal for the year 2023-2024, making it particularly significant both for the club and for the community, given the immense benefit of the donated items.

President of the Club, Yiannis Kontos, mentioned this briefly in his speech, while Mantο Egglezopoulou, the Director of Corfu Hospital, receiving the equipment, thanked the Rotary Club for this significant act, which serves the needs of our hospital and certainly the public interest and the good of health.

To raise the required amount for this donation, the Club carried out a series of activities throughout the year, while simultaneously implementing District Grants with the Rotary Clubs of Corfu, Eastern Thessaloniki, Kifisia-Politeia, Athens-Lykavittos, Ioannina, and Oia-Santorini, whom it especially thanks, and had the unwavering support of the Greek Rotary Club.

Mr. Kontos, in turn, thanked Ms. Egglezopoulou and assured her that, as in the past, in the future too, Corfu 'Capodistrias' Rotary Club would stand by the hospital and its needs to give its utmost support.

Special thanks should be given, finally, to the President of the other Rotary Club of Corfu, Dimitris Pitsinigos, for the assistance his club provided us and for his personal presence today at Corfu Hospital, as well as to the Treasurer of the Club, Yiannis Gavalas, who handled all the procedural aspects of this donation.