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4th Experimental Primary School pupils visit Air Traffic Control tower

Corfu Airport
12 Apr 2024 / 11:47

CORFU. The children watched planes taking off and landing from high up and learnt about air traffic control operations.

Pupils from Corfu Athenagorio 4th Experimental Primary School were given a guided tour of Corfu Airport Control Tower.

The children watched the planes taking off and landing from a high vantage point and had the opportunity to learn from the staff serving in the area about the airport building from which air traffic control is conducted and about the movement of aircraft in all areas.

The pupils learned that at the highest level of the tower is the control room, which provides complete visibility of the runways, allowing for immediate instructions to be given for the landing and take-off of aircraft.

The control room, which impressed the children, is equipped with many communication devices, timers, basic meteorological instruments, various range radio locators (radars), aids for visual and instrument flight control, as well as instruments of other electronic systems.

Finally, the children had a guided tour of the area with computers on the ground level and witnessed the communication process with the pilots during a flight.


Panayiotis Pozidis

School Principal