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Transfer of Corfu oncologist from Patras to Corfu General Hospital

Corfu Hospital
29 Mar 2024 / 10:56

CORFU. "Not a single patient has been left without care," assures Corfu Hospital Director.

The premature passing of oncologist Anna Mouzakiti has left an irreplaceable void not only in our hearts but also in the Hospital Oncology Department. Enimerosi readers have expressed concern about their treatments, but Director Manto Egglezopoulou, when asked, gave assurances that no patient in the hospital has been left without care.

Even during the period when the late doctor was fighting for her life, she served as much as she could. The department was supported by the collaboration of oncologist Mauri Davide, from Ioannina University Hospital. In coordination with the Administration, patients were also served by a private clinic, without being burdened with the cost of the visit.

Corfu General Hospital will have a permanent oncologist again from April 1st, as Corfu doctor Nikos Kapodistrias is moving from Patras University Hospital.


Awaiting new personnel

However, the chronic unresolved problem of understaffing remains, as long as the Ministry of Health does not proceed with drastic solutions to adequately staff regional hospitals. According to the Administration, recently there have been recruitments of 1 permanent cardiologist, 2 permanent psychiatrists, 1 permanent nursing assistant, 1 permanent Coordinator of Pathology, and 1 permanent Coordinator of Psychiatry. Also, there are pending recruitments from two recent advertisements for doctors.

Historically, the fruitless advertisements were the biggest obstacle, as Corfu was never considered an attractive professional destination for healthcare personnel. Its inclusion in the 'A' Problematic Zone with incentives, following continuous pleas from the island's doctors and three MPs, was finally achieved a year and a half ago. It has yielded some initial results; it remains to be seen if they will continue.

According to the National Health System Doctors' Union, shortages of medical staff remain overall as they were, with the Cardiology, Pathology, and Surgical Clinics weakened. The same applies to Radiology, often serviced through private diagnostic centres with a financial burden on the hospital. According to the same sources, there are currently 70 permanent and 22 auxiliary doctors serving.