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Hospital Mediterranean Anaemia Prevention Unit out of operation

Corfu Hospital
06 Mar 2024 / 16:28

CORFU. The Hospital Employees΄ Union stated that those requiring further examination and monitoring are forced to travel either to Ioannina or to Athens.

The Corfu Hospital Employees' Union is sounding the alarm regarding the Mediterranean Anaemia Prevention Unit, as it has essentially ceased to operate due to the retirement of the biologist.

As stated in the union's announcement, this unit has been serving approximately 500 individuals annually in recent years.

"The number of individuals decreased during the COVID pandemic. These individuals underwent check-ups, either re-examinations or counselling. Couples at risk of having a child with Mediterranean anaemia or other haemoglobinopathies received guidance and joined the list for molecular and fetal testing. The Mediterranean Anaemia Prevention Unit served couples seeking to have children, pregnant women, children, etc.

"These individuals were referred by gynaecologists, pathologists, paediatricians. Insured and uninsured Greeks, Albanians, Roma, etc., were checked. The Hospital's Mediterranean Anaemia Prevention Unit was scientifically linked, like the other 13 units in our country, to the Laiko Hospital in Athens and served as a reference centre for the region.

"This constitutes, for our hospital, an important factor in development compared to all other hospitals in our area. The head of the unit was a biologist or haematologist with laboratory expertise."

According to the Union, the non-functioning of the prevention unit is a problem and a risk for the population of Corfu, which is an area with approximately 13% stigmatised individuals. It says that individuals who require further examination and monitoring are forced to travel either to Ioannina or to Athens for checks that were previously conducted at Corfu Hospital.

"It also constitutes a downgrading of the hospital where there has been a prevention centre for over 40 years. For all these reasons, the continuation of its operation is very important, and moves must definitely be made in this direction. The competent ministry should proceed with the immediate hiring of a laboratory haematologist or biologist," concludes the announcement.