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Collaboration between Ionian University and Harvard

Ionian University
06 Mar 2024 / 12:29

CORFU. Online tours of cultural museums and discussions among inmates in Greek prisons for men and women.

(Ionian University)The Museology Research Laboratory of the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology (TABM) of the Ionian University has announced its collaboration with Harvard University and the Center for Hellenic Studies.

Dr. Artemis Papandritsa, a postdoctoral researcher at TABM, an educator, and a researcher, has been awarded the highly competitive Early Career Fellowship in Hellenic Studies for the academic year 2024-2025. Her research topic is "Museum Tours for Inmates – the ancient Greek encounters (MuTourIn)" in collaboration with the Research Laboratory of Museology overseeing the research.

According to the Director of the TABM Laboratory of Museology, Protection, Restoration, and Exploitation of Cultural Goods, Associate Professor Giorgos Papaioannou, MuTourIn will organise online tours of cultural museums and discussions among inmates in Greek prisons for men and women. It will evaluate its impact on stakeholders, including inmates/students of various ages, educators, museum personnel, researchers, and others. Additionally, the project will contribute to the development of policies for museums and prisons.

This initiative will shed light on how ancient Greek culture can be effectively transmitted to prisoners and the potential impact their interaction with it may have. Relevant studies focusing on education, art, and culture in prisons have indicated numerous benefits for inmates, the prison community, and society at large. Cultural activities in prisons influence crime avoidance, promote lifelong learning, serve rehabilitation, and enhance the well-being of inmates.

The Department of Archives, Library Science, and Museology is already conducting voluntary research in collaboration with the Second Chance School (SDΕ) at Corfu Prison, titled "Museum Whispers at the Panopticon." Within this framework, digital tours followed by discussions in museums worldwide (Cambridge, Antwerp, Johannesburg, Doha, etc.) have been organised for the incarcerated students of SDΕ, opening museum and cultural windows to the world.

Furthermore, in the coming weeks and as part of the aforementioned research project, the permanent exhibition at Corfu Prison will commence its operation. It was also designed and will operate under the supervision of the Research Laboratory of Museology.

Photo: Ionian University