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Corfu Town΄s Philharmonic Bands take legal action to protect uniform designs

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20 Feb 2024 / 11:24

CORFU. They have taken this action in order to combat the trafficking of counterfeit products imitating their uniforms for commercial gain - Commercial enterprises have been notified ahead of Easter events.

The three Philharmonic Bands of Corfu Town have been compelled to resort to the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (IPO) following the phenomenon of trafficking in counterfeit products bearing the distinctive characteristics of their uniforms due to their recognisability.

The 'Old', 'Mantzaros' and 'Capodistrias' bands issued a joint statement:


The aforementioned three philharmonic societies, based in the historic centre of Corfu Town, proceeded to register the designs of their uniforms with the Industrial Property Organisation (IPO). Following a verification process by the Organisation, the philharmonic societies were granted the corresponding design registration certificates.

The philharmonic societies took the above actions because the exploitation of the distinctive features of our philharmonic uniforms has been observed for some time. Specifically, during the Easter and summer periods, there is a significant phenomenon of trafficking in counterfeit uniform products in various forms, designs, and sizes, which essentially capitalise on the recognisability of the uniform designs for distribution to visitors and commercial profit.

It should be noted that the holder of an industrial design acquires the exclusive right to use it, meaning to manufacture, market, export, import, etc., thereby excluding any third party from the relevant rights without their consent.

In this way, the Philharmonic societies will have the ability to legally control the production and distribution of counterfeit uniform products without specific permission.

The holder of an industrial design may appeal to the competent court and request the cessation of the infringement and its omission in the future.

In case of damage, they may claim its restoration or the payment of the benefits obtained by any third party from the unfair use of the industrial design, or the payment of an amount corresponding to the licensing fee. They may also request the destruction of third-party products or their transfer to themselves.

Through this press release, our societies inform the commercial community of Corfu, the consumer public, and visitors that, following the registration of our uniform designs with the Industrial Property Organisation, we reserve the right to enforce our rights in any case of infringement.

The unfair exploitation of our associations' Industrial Property is an illegal act, and our decision to stop it is definitive.



On behalf of the philharmonic societies

Legal representatives


Photo: Enimerosi