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Corfu MP meets with Environment Minister

Environment Minister
24 Jan 2024 / 15:15

ATHENS. They discussed the Water Supply projects, the Waste Treatment Plant, the Debts of Water Supply Companies, and the Wind Parks.

Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas met with the Minister of Environment and Energy, Theodoros Skilakakis.

The subject of the discussion included significant issuesin Corfu, such as water supply projects, the tender for the waste treatment plant, the debts of water supply and sewerage companies, unauthorised construction, and wind parks.

Following the meeting, Stefanos Gikas made the following statement:

"I had a meeting today with Minister of Environment Theodoros Skilakakis with a full agenda.

Initially, I mentioned to the Minister the need to auction the project for the "Neochoraki - Kakotrafos" desalination plant, amounting to 22 million Euros, as the project file has now moved to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment from the Ministry of Infrastructure. The auction documents are ready and we will revisit this issue.


I also raised the serious issue of the waste treatment plant in Corfu, pending the decision of the Council of State, which will ultimately determine whether the tender will be completed or not. I emphasised to the Minister the urgent need to expedite the process, as this plant has been excessively delayed...

Regarding the issue of the debts of DIADEYADK (Corfu Water and Sewerage Company), I requested the Minister – in light of the upcoming submission of the draft law on the sustainability of Water/Sewerage Companies – to ask DEI to proceed with the connection of the two pumping stations of the new sewerage pipeline from Ag. Ioannis council houses to Skafona, so that it can finally be put into operation. It should be noted that DEI is not proceeding with the connection due to the large debt of DIADEYADK to DEI, which exceeds 13 million Euros.

With regard to the unauthorised construction and broader urban planning issues, as the Minister informed me, the long-awaited draft law is expected to be released for public consultation in the next 10 days.

Finally, regarding the issue of the spatial planning of the Offshore Wind Park in the area of the Diapontia Islands, beyond some proposals that have been submitted, no decision has been made, and therefore, it is not a matter at this time."