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Corfu MP Gikas puts question in Parliament:"What΄s happening with the dam project in Corfu?"

12 Sep 2019 / 12:07

CORFU. Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas put a question to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport today regarding the progress of the project for water supply in Corfu.

According to the Mr. Gikas' office, in his question the MP said that the serious, long-term water supply problem in Corfu was supposed to have been solved in December 2014 by including the water supply project in the Business Programme plan 'Infrastructure for Transport, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020' and in the list of major projects.

The project had been approved by the EU and included the construction of three dams, two desalination plants, a central overground 245km pipeline and other works with a total budget of 295,350,000 Euros.

Mr. Gikas pointed out the fact that at the end of 2017 the SYRIZA Government rejected the policy of treating the serious water supply problem in Corfu as a national problem and removed it from the list of major works. In May 2018 there was a call for tenders for the ESPA 2014-2020 co-funded project 'Corfu Island Water Supply Project' which would cover only part of the original major work and the first phase would only cover Corfu Town and the Lefkimmi area. The MP stressed that Corfu's water supply needs cannot be covered by this sub-project with a budget of 49m Euros.

According to his press release, the MP asked the responsible Minister to examine the possibility of the Corfu water supply problem to be dealt with nationally and for the Dams Project to be once more included in the list of major works at the Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport - in line with the approved decision of December 2014.

He also asked at what stage the smaller 49m Euro project was at and what the timeline was.

Finally, Mr. Gikas asked if the Ministry was looking at other methods to deal with the issue of water shortages in Corfu - for example, desalination, water transportation from Epirus etc, - in conjunction with the local authorities, if the large Dam Project was not going ahead.