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Marriage proposal at Ionian University graduation ceremony!

Ionian University
09 Dec 2023 / 12:35

CORFU. The proposal took place at the Ionian University Music Faculty graduation ceremony.

There was a special moment at the graduation ceremony of the Ionian University Department of Music Studies, which took place on Friday, December 8th. In addition to the emotions generated by the completion of a significant cycle in the lives of the graduates and their loved ones, the ceremony also included a marriage proposal.

The event was posted on social media by the Head of Department, Professor Anastasia Siopsi. In her post, she states:

"Moments from today's graduation ceremony of our department's graduates. A beautiful and moving ceremony concluding with a marriage proposal! A new life opens up for all our graduates. We sincerely wish them a successful career! May they enrich our souls and our world with music!"



Photo: FB Anastasia Siopsi