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New student halls of residence to be created at Ionian University

Ionian University
08 Nov 2023 / 20:03

CORFU. A programmatic agreement was signed between the Ionian University and "Petrideio Klirodotima".

The Ionian University recently signed a programmatic agreement with the "Petrideio Klirodotima" based in Corfu, as part of finding sustainable solutions to address its housing needs.

Following the final approval of the legally competent Decentralised Administration, the agreement was signed by the Ionian University Dean, Professor Andreas Floros, on behalf of the university and the legal representative and President of the Management Committee Archbishop Nektarios on behalf of "Petrideio Klirodotima".

The contract provides for the long-term lease of the historic 508 sq.m. property located in Corfu Old Town for a period of 30 years, as well as the adaptation of the building to the needs of the university, in order for it to be appropriately designed for use as student halls of residence.

According to a statement by Archbishop Nektarios, "The leasing of the historic property of the "Petrideio Klirodotima" at Petridou 9 St. in Corfu Town to the Ionian University is the result of many years of struggle and efforts of the current and former Management Committees of "Klirodotima" for its rescue, restoration and utilisation. This building was severely damaged by the bombing of Corfu during World War II and for many years it remained damaged and unused. During the last decade the Management Committee has carried out serious restoration and fixing work, so that today it can be leased and completed by the Ionian University. The Management Committee considers its long-term lease by the Ionian University to be the best option because it is in line with the education-friendly purposes set by the testator, Platon Petridis. Moreover, with any income "Klirodotima" will have, it will be able to accomplish its purposes such as the granting of scholarships and other related actions. In the end, we believe that this agreement on the one hand supports the institution of the Ionian University and on the other hand enables "Petrideio Klirodotima" to become active again for the benefit of our local society and our young people".

The Ionian University Dean, Professor Andreas Floros, after signing the agreement, thanked the Archbishop for his contribution and support to the Ionian University and stated the following: "The Ionian University signed today a very important agreement with the "Petrideio Klirodotima", which is the successful conclusion of a long effort made by both institutions. The historic four-storey property will be appropriately designed and developed as student halls of residence, in order to directly meet part of the housing needs of the ever-increasing student population of the university. The purposes of the two institutions are entirely related and have to do with the education and training of young people, and the opportunity is given to "Klirodotima" to preserve the historic building it manages, and to the University to house part of its structures within the town's centre in the near future.

"This can be considered another result of the Ionian University's systematic efforts, which have been made over the last three years in order to make an absolutely necessary and urgent discussion with the local community on the great and critical needs regarding student accommodation and we hope that others will do the same in the local communities of the Ionian Islands", continued Mr. Floros.

Photo: Ionian University