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Anniversary concert "Aroma of Smyrna"

27 Oct 2023 / 11:45

CORFU. Sunday 29 October at 20:00 at the Municipal Theatre.

The anniversary concert titled "Aroma of Smyrna" is an initiative of the "Echoes" Artistic Association under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Corfu, Paxos and Diapontia Islands.

The programme includes songs related to Smyrna, along with a vivid description and citation of relevant historical elements by Spyridon Mouratidis, Ph.D. History.

The concert will transport the listener to the Smyrna of theatres and cultural prosperity of that era and then to the description of the uprooting and nostalgia of the Greeks for their return!

The event will take place at the Municipal Theatre on Sunday, October 29 at 8:00 p.m. with a general admission fee of 8 Euros and free entry for students.

Prominent figures in traditional music have been invited:

Christos Tsiamoulis, vocals and lute

Kyriakos Gouventas, violin

Stefanos Dorbarakis, kanun

Apostolos Valsamis, lute

Soloist singers: Elli Karydi, Christos Tsiamoulis, Apostolos Valsamis


Narration: Spyros Mouratidis, Ph.D. History

The Echoes string orchestra, Corfu Music School Traditional Music choir, 'Mantzaros' Philharmonic Society, Evropouli Mixed Choir and the  Koryfo en Horo dance group will be participating.



Photo: Wikipedia