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Sinies Mushroom Festival

18 Oct 2023 / 10:25

CORFU. Agia Barbara Prtas, Sinies on Saturday 21 October.

The Mushroom Festival is being held in Sinies once again this year, offering a unique opportunity to meet in the romantic autumnal nature and add something more to our knowledge about mushrooms, as well as to entertain ourselves musically and gastronomically in a simple, carefree rural setting.

Sinies Cultural and Educationl Society and the Corfu Mushroom Lovers Club, as co-organisers, invite all nature and mushroom enthusiasts, young and old, to this festival on Saturday, October 21st, in Agia Barbara, Porta Sinies.

As every year, the Mushroom Lovers of Greece, with their President Giorgos Konstantinidis, and the President of the Mushroom Lovers of Epirus, Thanasis Dinos are honouring and supporting with their knowledge of the subect.

Representatives of friends in Serbia, Cyprus and Italy will also be present at the festival, as well as from Macedonia, Epirus and Thessaly.


So far, it seems the autumn weather conditions have not been so supportive, and as we all know, mushroom growth is directly linked to good rainfall.

The mention of weather conditions, besides mushrooms, also reminds us of the issue of climate change and the summer wildfires that here in Corfu burned large areas in the Pantokrator region, reaching the trails followed by our instructors. Above all, the destructive natural phenomena of the past months tells us to what we must do in order to reverse the course of climate change and protect the environment.

On the occasion of this year's visit to Sinies, the Corfu Mushroom Lovers Club believes that the volunteers in the area deserve praise in recognition for their work. They gave their best, contributing significantly to limiting the fire and ultimately preventing its spread to the surrounding residential areas and those with denser forest vegetation.

The programme for Saturday is displayed on the festival poster and is available online. For more information, please contact us at the phone number 6974 511282 and the email address [email protected]