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Section of Mon Repos wall collapses on car

Mon Repos
17 Oct 2023 / 10:28

CORFU. Fortunately there were no injuries as the driver and her child had left the car.

Erosion over time and neglect has resulted in yet another collapse of a wall, as is increasingly occuring in buildings belonging to Corfu's historical heritage, which fall under the responsibility of the public authorities.

Last night, a few minutes after a car had parked next to the wall, a section of it collapsed, causing damage to the vehicle. By pure chance, no one was injured as the mother who was driving the car and her child had just moved away.

Deputy Mayor for Everyday Life, Haris Yiotis, rushed to the scene to inspect the damage and to take steps to restore it in collaboration with the archaeology department.

As he had told Enimerosi in the past, there have been instances of some stones falling before, but not causing such significant damage. 'Possibly, the wall has weakened due to water infiltration, and there are cases where some people attempt to jump inside," he said. "We will inform the archaeology department in writing.

"For now, a municipal vehicle will clear the fallen stones from the road, as they pose a danger. We have inspected the wall and placed barricades, as well as in another location where we identified cracks."