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It will be known today or tomorrow whether 68-year-old died from leptospirosis

Corfu Hospital
26 Sep 2023 / 13:07

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Regional Health Department is on standby for an epidemiological investigation in the area, disinfections and fumigation.

Today or tomorrow, the results of the molecular test are expected, which will determine whether the death of a 68-year-old from the village of Karousades resulted from leptospirosis.

Already, the Ionian Islands Regional Health Department is on standby, ready to take all necessary actions if it is confirmed that the elderly individual lost their life due to this specific infection.

If the result is positive, a Health Department team will conduct an epidemiological investigation in the village and implement the required measures, including fumigation, disinfection, informing residents about hygiene rules and managing stagnant water, among other things.


Last May, a confirmed death of an elderly person from the same village was recorded, and another case was detected early in the summer from the same area. However, the patient improved after treatment and escaped the danger. In all three of these cases, there was involvement in agricultural work.

However, the fact that these cases originate from the same location has alarmed the authorities. North Corfu Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection,Theofanis Skempris, told Enimerosi that there hasn't been any mention throughout this time that the village is infested with rats. He also clarified that leptospirosis can be transmitted by other animals, such as from a dog or a cat's urine.

"These three incidents in the same area have alarmed us. One could be considered random, but three are something that concerns us. We believe it could be rats because they are the easiest transmitter," he stated.