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Hole dug up in road by DEDDIE unfilled for six months!

01 Aug 2023 / 12:30

CORFU. The hole was dug in order to lay some cables before the Desylla and Derpfeld roads were surfaced - but was never filled in again!

The hole in the road dug by DEDDIE has remained unfilled for six months. The hole was dug in Derpfeld St. in order to lay electrical cables before Desyllas and Derpfeld, near Paliopolis, were surfaced

The cables have been laid, but the deep excavation, right outside the door of the Olive Institute, remains covered with planks from the cable reels, and all around, surrounding the road surface, are the dangerous rebars enclosing the former construction site.

Similarly, a little before the substation, under the transformer and the discarded remnants of the construction work, there are rusted iron and Bakelite materials, along with the rebars and the sign "DEDDIE," which reveals who is responsible for restoring the area.