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Search in EKAB call centre΄s recordings for the cardiac arrest incident in North Corfu

06 Feb 2023 / 23:41

CORFU. "Code blue" was never activated - The hospital assured it was not notified - The coordinator responsible for the Ioannina EKAB΄s calls is currently looking for the calls that were made.

The solution to the mystery that covers the tragic incident that occurred on Saturday night, where a 54-year-old woman suffered a cardiac arrest at the Platonas Nymphes Cultural Society's cutting of New Year's cake, is being sought in the recorded calls of the EKAB call centre. The woman was transferred by an ambulance of the private Ionian Care Clinic to Corfu Hospital. On the way there, all the resuscitation procedures were carried out, but unfortunately the woman died.
Code blue
Codes allow trained hospital staff to respond quickly and properly to emergency cases. According to the protocol, when a matter of life and death occurs and the hospital is notified, the so-called "code blue" is activated, signaling the staff to be prepared and wait for the patient at the entrance of the hospital. The team of specialist doctors, depending on the need, must go from the floor where they are on to the ground floor.
The doctor's calls
The doctor who treated the unfortunate woman, Mohammad Aladdasi, said that he notified the Corfu Hospital through the EKAB call centre based in Ioannina.
As he told Enimerosi, he found the entrance closed and had to explain to the security officer what was going on so that he would let him in. "I notified the hospital through the EKAB because I want the calls to be recorded," he explained and he even took a photo of the record of the calls on his mobile phone. "The first one was at 02:28, on the way to the hospital. It took us exactly 25 minutes with the ambulance and sirens, while efforts were made to resuscitate her. My second call to the EKAB was at 03:05, after arriving at the hospital. I called to ask why there was no readiness. I was assured by the call centre that they had informed the hospital," said the doctor.
The call centre
The coordinator responsible for the calls of the Ioannina EKAB is currently looking for the doctor's calls, without having made any information public so far.
However, according to hospital sources, the staff that were responsible for the emergency cases at that time said that they were never notified by anyone. Of course, the doctors went to the ground floor in a few minutes, but what exactly happened with the communication has not been clarified yet.
EKAB's long-standing problems
The need for an adequately staffed EKAB, with three bases on the island and an autonomous call centre, has been brought back to the forefront. Currently, there is only a base in Central Corfu and insufficient shifts in South Corfu, while North Corfu has absolutely nothing.
As for the Corfu call centre, which was unified in 2017 with the one in Epirus, the question that arises is whether it can operate efficiently. However, its return to Corfu has been a constant request since then. It was even included in a joint memorandum of all the institutional and health bodies of the island that was submitted to the Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga when she visited the island in October 2022.