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Pupils protest against the closure of Smile of the Child residential home

Smile of the Child
22 Dec 2022 / 12:45

CORFU. Teachers and parents came together with pupils from Agros Junior High and High School as well as other schools.

School pupils from North Corfu filled the square outside the former Prefecture in Corfu Town today to demand that the Smile of the Child residential home in Magoulades continue to operate.

The children protested against their fellow pupils at the residential home being uprooted and taken away from their friends, school and familiar environment - adding more distress on top of what they have already experienced.

The protest was organised by Agros Junior High and High School and they brought together pupils from other schools, parents' associations, teachers, teachers' unions, the Union of PGAs, the North Corfu Federation of Women and the Workers Centre.

The SYRIZA, PASOK and KKE political parties are also protesting against the closure of the facility announced by the Smile of the Child President Kostas Yiannopoulos as well as the majority of other groups and organisations in Corfu.

In her meeting with Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas yesterday the Deputy Minister for Employment and Social Welfare Domna Michalidou said that all such establishments in Greece have until May 2023 to complete the necessary improvements to the buildings and if there are still problems, the Ministry will look at each case individually.