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14 medical staff positions advertised for Corfu Hospital

Corfu Hospital
10 Dec 2022 / 00:26

CORFU. Hospital Director: "This is an effort by the Hospital Administration and the Ministry to strengthen the hospital at all levels."

Following the resignations that significantly weakened the hospital, the long-awaited approval for the advertisement of auxiliary medical staff positions was given.
The hospital announced that the advertisement will be for 14 auxiliary medical staff positions for the Corfu Hospital and 4 administrative staff through ASEP.
According to the Administration's announcement, the following positions were approved:
- 4 Pathologists
- 1 Neurologist
- 1 Pathologist or Cardiologist or Αnaesthetist or Pulmonologist or Surgeon or Kidney Specialist for the ICU
- 2 Cardiologists
- 2 Paediatricians
- 1 ENT doctor
- 1 Radiologist
- 1 Psychiatrist
- 1 Pathological Anatomy Specialist
- 4 regular staff positions (dietician, safety technician, computer engineer and accountant).
Special thanks to Health Ministry
"The Hospital Director Leonidas Roubatis thanked the Ministry of Health for their assistance and interest in strengthening the staffing of the hospital.
He expressed the hope that there will be a positive response by doctors and administrative staff to cover the abovementioned positions, given that Corfu has been classified as a problematic area since 2 July 2022, while incentives are also given to attract them to the island (allowance from the Ionian Islands Region to cover their food and accommodation needs).
This is an effort by the Hospital Administration and the Ministry to strengthen the hospital at all levels. Citizens should be sure that the hospital is operating safely and providing all the necessary health services. We support all the hospital staff that raise the prestige and credibility of the organisation," said the hospital management.