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Corfu Hospital continues to lose staff as another doctor resigns

Corfu Hospital
26 Oct 2022 / 11:17

CORFU. There was another resignation today - the sixth - that of radiologist Christina Pouli.

Hospital doctors seem to be queuing up to hand in their resignations as the Deputy Health Minister prepares to visit the island.

Another resignation has been handed in - the sixth - that of radiologist Christina Pouli, who had shouldered the responsibility of the hospital's triplex examinations as a trained specialist.

Sources say that another two auxiliary doctors are ready to leave - their contract ends on 31 December and they don't wish to renew it - and more are in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga, in response to a question from Corfu MP Alekos Avlonitis, said in Parliament that she will be visiting the hospital on Thursday and will look at all the complaints about the administration and draw her own conclusions. She stressed that she won't just be speaking to political representatives but also to hospital personnel.

In addition to the issue of the Hospital Director, doctors are waiting for the chance to put all the problems on the table and hear the solutions that the Deputy Minister proposes for the smooth running of the hospital.