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"Our Municipality is a model for special needs accessibility," says Deputy Mayor

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17 Oct 2022 / 13:21

CORFU. "Corfu shone at a wide-ranging conference in Rhodes."

At a conference in Rhodes on the rights of those with special needs there were positive comments all round about the actions that Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality has taken to support those with special needs.

Deputy Mayor Andrreas Skoupouras was asked to present some of the actions that have been taken by the Central Corfu Municipality to improve accessibility. There were warm and positive comments on his presentation from fellow participants - representatives of special needs organisations and other municipalities.

The Municipality issued the following statement: "With the actions it has taken, Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality has made the island an iconic and friendly destination for those with special needs. Infrastructure has already been installed on beaches with 10 Seatrac, a modern audio system for those with visual impairment, two sea ramps and 18 amphibious wheelchairs. More will be added in the near future."

Andreas Skoupouras also issued the following statement: "One feels great pride in being a model for other municipalities and that there were so many positive comments about Corfu. The infrastructure on the island's beaches for those with special needs are seen as an example to be followed by other municipalities. We are not stopping here. We will continue along the same path and will add to the infrastructure - and not only on the beaches. Our aim is for Corfu to be an attractive destination friendly and accessible to those with special needs."