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Kato Korakiana residents protest demanding free beaches and public roads

23 Mar 2022 / 20:30

CORFU. The local parties supported the protest in Maraslio.

Kato Korakiana residents held a protest early in the afternoon today outside the Maraslio Town Hall demanding that the municipal roads leading to the Dassia beach remain available to all.

The protest was held following the decision of the public assembly of the area's residents, while the local parties 'Prota i Kerkyra', 'Ekkinisi', 'Kerkyra 180', 'Foni gia Dimotes', 'LASY' and 'Kerkyra Allagis', as well as the parties 'KINAL', 'KKE', 'SYRIZA' and 'MeRa 25', supported the protest.

“We are opposed to the plans of Ikos to make the public road that exists in Dassia private, as well as the Municipal Authority's choice to contribute to Ikos' effort and to violate the rights of the people of Corfu”, said the Municipal Councillor Sp. Vlachos on behalf of the local parties.

Holding signs, the protestors demanded free beaches and roads available to all people, asking the Central Corfu Municipality to file a lawsuit so that the roads leading to the beach will remain public.

Following the approval of the Finance Committee, the Municipality is already expected to file a lawsuit before the responsible court in order for the 150-meter-long section leading to Dassia beach to be recognised as a municipal road.

The issue was placed for approval at the Finance Committee's recent meeting, where it was unanimously decided to proceed with the necessary legal actions in order for this particular section to be owned by the Central Corfu Municipality and in order to correct the land registers relating to the Municipality's right of ownership in this section.

Press conference

On 14 April, the Ikos CEO Andreas Andreadis is expected to be in Corfu to hold a press conference on the investment of the new 5-star resort Ikos Odisia in the area of Ipsos in Kato Korakiana, where he is expected to give answers to all the controversial issues.