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Pupils at 1st Junior High to stay at home due to cleaner΄s illness

25 Nov 2021 / 12:19

CORFU. Lessons will be conducted online on Friday.

Pupils at the 1st Junior High School did only the first three lessons today as the one full-time cleaner at the school was ill.

"The school has one cleaner who works 6 hours a day and shares another cleaner with the 5th Junior High, who has a 3-hour shift cleaning only the common areas and toilets," school principal Giorgos Kefalonitis told Enimerosi.

"Due to the stricter protective measures, we cannot use the classrooms if they haven't been cleaned, so we sent the children home."

"We contacted the Municipal Councillor responsible for education, Maria Zervou, and she assured us that a replacement cleaner will be sent," Mr. Kefalonitis added. "Until the situation is dealt with lessons will not be conducted in person and tomorrow they will be online."