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Outdoor tables - Corfu business owners concerned

03 May 2021 / 13:57

CORFU. Cafes and other catering establishments with outdoor facilities reopened today.

Cafes and restaurants have now reopened for seated customers as well as takeaways. As was expected, cafes in the town centre filled up straight away as people jumped at the chance to return to the 'normality' which had previously been taken for granted.

Business owners have been working hard over recent days to get ready for the reopening. Restaurants had greater difficulties due to the Easter period, especially with regard to getting in provisions and recruiting staff.

Restaurant owners concerned

Several restaurant owners are concerned as there still few customers, which means that it is difficult to recruit all the staff normally required. They are also sceptical about how many customers they will have at night as they have to close at 22:45 - 15 minutes before the curfew begins.

Nevertheless, the majority of establishments in Corfu Town have been able to reopen or will do so in the next few days in the hope that things will smooth out very soon.

Outside town, in North and South Corfu, fewer businesses have opened as many of them only operate during the tourist season and will open in the second half of May, when the tourist season officially begins.

How catering establishments will operate

Businesses will be open - outdoors only -  until 22:45 and there will be no music, as stated in the Joint Ministerial Decision published in the Government Gazette with the measures to protect public health from transmission of the coronavirus virus for the period from 06:00 on Monday 3 May until 06:00 on Monday 10 May.

Staff precautions

It is mandatory at catering establishments such as restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars for staff and self-employed to take self tests