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Parked cars in Mantouki obstruct fire engine yet again

21 Nov 2023 / 14:06

CORFU. Fortunately, smaller vehicles were able to quickly get the fire under control.

A house fire in Mantouki, which fortunately was quickly dealt with, highlighted once again the difficulty faced by emergency vehicles due to parked cars.

The fire broke out at 10 p.m. in the attic of a three-story building and is suspected to have been caused by a short circuit. However, the Fire Department's investigators are examining the causes.

Nevertheless, these situations always have a high level of danger due to the conditions. The roads in Mantouki and the Old Town are narrow, the floors are often wooden, and, furthermore, parked cars continue to be a significant factor complicating the work of the Fire Department.


Only small vehicles could get past

Two large vehicles, one of which was an articulated vehicle, and two smaller ones rushed to last night's fire, with the smaller ones being the only ones that ultimately managed to pass.

Fortunately, the notification was immediate; the residents had used a fire extinguisher straight away, and eventually, the danger of the fire spreading or people getting trapped was averted.

The fines sporadically imposed by the Traffic Police for illegal parking seem inadequate to prevent the problem. Everything indicates that the municipality needs to find a permanent solution, such as bollards that can only be removed by emergency vehicles (fire trucks or ambulances), to effectively address the issue.