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Pupils absent from classes at Kastellani Mesi Primary School in protest at lack of school transportation

26 Oct 2023 / 12:24

CORFU. Parents protested outside the school.

The protests of parents and pupis continue as they strive to exert pressure in order to finally resolve the issue of school transportation.

This morning, the pupils of Kastellani Mesi Primary School, in coordination with the Parents and Guardians Association, remained absent from classes and protested because, nearly two months after the start of the school year, the children still do not have school buses.

The Regional Authority cites procedural issues, but it is the families who bear the consequences as they have to ensure the transportation of their children to school, with all the risks this poses for road safety. Meanwhile, most parents are employed, which means they even have to rely on grandparents for transportation.

While waiting for the commitments they have received to be fulfilled, parents will consider their next moves. Their school route is one of the 37 that remain inactive, and according to the information they have received from the Deputy Regional Governor, in a recent meeting with him, consultations with bus operators will start next Monday, otherwise there will be a new procedure with direct assignment.