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Road blocked in Kassiopi in protest at lack of school transportation

19 Oct 2023 / 10:03

CORFU. Kassiopi Junior High and High School pupils and parents blocked the road in protest at lack of school transportation.

IKassiopi Junior High and High School pupils and parents took part in a 15-minute symbolic blockade of the Kassiopei-Sidari road near the school early this morning as a sign of protest against the delay in providing school transportation. The decision to take action was made by the Parents and Guardians Association Board.

Parents and pupils gathered a little after 8 o'clock at the school and subsequently proceeded with their protest.

Katerina Stoyiannou, the secretary of the Parents and Guardians Association, told Enimerosi that the association will convene again next week to reconsider its stance, without excluding the possibility of further protests.

Meanwhile, the sit-in that began at the school on Monday evening is continuing. Pupils are protesting about the fact that school transportation has yet to start more than a month after the start of the school year. All three routes for this specific school are non-operational, making it difficult for pupils to reach the school premises. Parents transport the pupils in their cars when possible; otherwise, the children are served by the regular bus service.

This particular school serves pupils from seven areas in North Corfu (Acharavi, Almyros, Perithia, Kassiopi, Sinies, Gimari, Nissaki). It is worth noting that out of the total of 38 non-operational routes in the entire region, 20 of them are in North Corfu.

According to the Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu, Kostas Zorbas, all non-operational routes will be re-tendered through fast-track procedures, with the expectation that this time there will be a response from the transportation providers, given that the tourist season is coming to an end, and tourist buses will become available. If there is still no response, direct assignments will be made, as stipulated by the law.

Lessons via Webex

Due to the sit-in, classes are being conducted remotely at this time using Webex.