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What Mayor Meropi Ydraiou discussed with Minister and Deputy Minister of Tourism

Tourism Ministry
29 Aug 2023 / 22:18

CORFU. The Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Rapti is expected to visit Corfu again next week.

The Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou met yesterday with the Minister and the Deputy Minister of Tourism Olga Kefaloyianni and Elena Rapti at the Maraslio Town Hall, in the presence of the Greek National Tourism Organisation President Angela Gerekou and the Deputy Mayor for Tourism Panayiotis Varouchas. During the meetings she had the opportunity to raise important issues related to the strengthening of the Municipality to support our country's tourism product.

In her meeting with Ms. Kefaloyianni, the Mayor discussed the issues related to the creation of a Destination Management Organisation (DMO) recognising that, with the appropriate institutional framework and funding, it can be a successful structure as it is internationally.

It is worth noting that the role of DMOs is to create a framework for cooperation and provide appropriate incentives at both geographical and thematic levels between the public and private sectors to ensure strategic continuity in the promotion of the tourism product and the quality of the services provided.

Ms. Ydraiou raised a number of issues related to providing the Municipality with the appropriate funding tools in order to have a modern and proper promotion of the island. She also asked for a positive response from the Ministry to the request to establish Corfu as a musical island of Europe. A relevant proposal has also been sent to the Ministry of Tourism by the Greek National Tourism Organisation President Angela Gerekou. Addressing the Minister, Ms. Ydraiou described as a particularly important issue the necessity of the existence of a maritime spatial planning so that maritime investments and coastal and marine tourism can develop in a balanced and healthy basis. Finally, the Mayor referred to the long-standing request for a tourist and cultural fee in favour of the Municipality at the airport and port, as well as overnight stay fees.

The continuation of the School of Tourist Guides' operation was the main issue discussed at the Mayor's meeting with the Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Rapti, in the presence of Angela Gerekou. As the Deputy Minister explained, the School of Tourist Guides will be reopened while Meropi Ydraiou assured that the Municipality will continue to provide space for the educational process.

The Central Corfu Mayor will meet again with the Deputy Minister of Tourism, as the latter is expected to visit Corfu again next week.