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Corfu Airport on emergency standby last night for aircraft landing

Corfu Airport
29 Aug 2023 / 10:59

CORFU. Firefighters were on standby but eventually the aircraft landed normally.

Corfu Airport Fire Station was put on emergency standby shortly after 9 p.m. yesterday evening, when they were notified by the Airport Control Tower that an Airbus A321 aircraft with 221 on board (214 passengers and 7 crew members) operating the Leipzig - Corfu route, while approaching the island, declared an "issue of concern" due to indications of an issue with the nose wheel system.

Immediately, 4 firefighting vehicles were mobilised (three from the 2nd Fire Station and one from the 1st, which rushed to provide assistance), along with a support vehicle carrying a total of 14 personnel.

Eventually, a short while later, the aircraft approached Corfu Airport and landed smoothly without any issues.