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EISA Corfu Summer Institute workshop begins

Summer Institute
28 Aug 2023 / 11:59

CORFU. The scientific workshop will be accompanied by cultural events.

The summer and autumn activities of the European Institute for Sciences and their Applications (EISA) CORFU2023 programme have commenced (scientific - scientific training - expansion of the cultural context), and will run until October 1st.

As part of the International Conferences and Intensive Postgraduate Educational Activities in Corfu for CORFU2023, two International Work Conferences have already been successfully organised this year from April 23rd to May 6th in Faliraki and the Ionian Parliament, respectively.

The current activities will take place at the Mon Repos conference centre for the main scientific programme.

Cultural events will be held in the courtyard of the Palaiopolis Museum, the public lectures will be presented at the Solomos Museum - Society of Corfu Studies, and the scientific exhibitions 'CERN in Images' and 'Gravitational Waves' will be presented in the Municipal Theatre Foyer. The latter two are presentations within the framework of scientific education for the Corfu public.

The main scientific programme includes four International Work Conferences and an Intensive Postgraduate School from August 27th to October 1st.


This involves a collaboration between the Municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands and the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), in which a series of top-tier, primarily European, Universities and Research Institutions will cooperate. The participation of local organisations, the University of Ioannina, the Corfu Ephorate of Antiquities and the Society of Corfu Studies is also expected.

This year, the cultural events will be organised in collaboration with the Central Corfu Municipality San Giacomo Choir, Skripero Philharmonic Society, the "Thomas Flagginis" Choir and Mantzaros Philharmonic Society.

The main scientific programme consists of the following modules:


  • Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond, August 27th – September 7th
  • Workshop on Tensions in Cosmology, September 6th - 13th
  • Workshop on Quantum Gravity, Strings and the Swampland, September 12th - 19th
  • Workshop on Noncommutative and Generalized Geometry in String Theory, Gauge Theory and Related Physical Models, September 19th - 25th
  • KICC-Villum Summer School on Gravitational Waves, September 24th – October 1st


The first cultural event will take place on Tuesday, August 29, at 20:00, in the courtyard of the Palaiopolis Museum with the San Giacomo Choir and is open to the public.

The remaining cultural events, the popularised seminars and the exhibitions will be announced soon and in due time.

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