Thursday 30.11.2023 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

2nd Pontian Festival at Old Port

21 Aug 2023 / 17:14

CORFU. 25 and 26 August at 20:00.

The Black Sea Pontian Club is organising the 2nd Pontian Festival on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 August.

Friday 25th - 20:00

Music from 'Mousikes Rizes'

Dance groups:

- Laodamas

- Agios Mathaios Cultural Society

- Agios Georgios Imathia Cultural Society

Saturday 26th - 20:00

Music from Kostakis Christophorides and Company

Dance groups:

- Thesprotia 'N. Selefkias' Asia Minor Cultural SOciety

- Agios Georgios Imathia Cultural Society

- Corfu Black Sea Pontian Club


Photo: FB/Black Sea Pontian Club