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Restaurants & taverns in Corfu for your summer dates!

01 May 2023 / 11:43

Whether you are planning a romantic date or a summer outing with your friends, we have collected some Corfu businesses for you that serve only the finest!

Restaurants by the sea, taverns that look like they are from old Greek movies, flowered courtyards even on sidewalks and squares, Corfu restaurants are welcoming this summer and serving the most delicious dishes under the stars. So whether you are planning a romantic date or a summer outing with your friends, we have collected some Corfu businesses for you that serve only the finest!
Toula's Seaside restaurant in Agni is a benchmark for the island's restaurants. The search for and use of top-quality raw materials combined with a traditional touch and the philosophy of Corfu is something that has charmed thousands of visitors. From the excellent bianco fish dish and the crayfish moussaka to the traditional bourdeto paired with a glass of their fine wines, it is obvious that the menu includes some creative specialties that create unique tasting moments for everyone. Besides, with such quality in the raw materials, Mrs. Toula Katsarou-Vergeti knows well how to elevate the refined dishes of the menu for years. If anything, it is a cuisine that adds a cosmopolitan touch to Corfu's gastronomic list.

Agni, 26630 91350
History, awe and refined flavours by the chef Lefteris Lazarou are just some of the reasons why you should visit the White House Restaurant this summer.  Their philosophy is to only use fresh local products of the highest quality. This means that the menu changes depending on the season. Many of the dishes are based on traditional Corfiot recipes, handed down over the generations. The White House Restaurant offers signature dishes which were particular favourites of the Durrells, thereby preserving their connection with the rich history of the area.

Kalami, 26630 91465
In one of the most idyllic locations of Corfu in Kommeno bay, Avalle Bistro Restaurant aspires to accompany your summer outings. What makes Avalle stand out is the premium quality of the fresh ingredients used from local Corfu producers, presenting traditional Greek and Corfiot dishes in a modern version. Avalle's menu is designed to cover all preferences, all hours of the day. The guests may start their day with a variety of breakfast and brunch choices. During lunchtime, delightful salads and local dishes are served whereas in the evening a creative palette of Greek choices will surprise and exceed the expectations even of the most demanding guests. All of these combined with a harmonious environment of stone, wood and earthy colours, make Avalle the ideal gastronomic choice for every moment of the day.

Kommeno, 26614 40320


It is an all-day destination with a view of the imposing church of Vlacherna and the legendary Pontikonisi. A summer spot that offers excellent service and unique dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Every dish is so balanced and perfectly cooked. Some of the dishes on the inspired menu are a modern interpretation of Greek classics but with a modern twist added to make them unique in appearance and unforgettable in taste. Try the Greek salad, homemade lobster ravioli, crispy calamari and tarama paired with a wine from the fully updated list of international and, of course, Greek and local vineyards. Open daily from morning until late at night. All day... seaside experience.

Kanoni, Vlacherna, 26610 46191

Apovrado started its operation in 1997. Since then, it has remained loyal to the same principles that made it a beloved and permanent haunt of the elite Corfu society. A restaurant that accompanies Corfiots and non Corfiots alike in small escapes from everyday life, continuing to emphasise on excellent quality, exceptional dishes, unique wines and affordable prices. If you wish to spend a beautiful evening overlooking the sea and the magnificent bay of Kommeno, then the restaurant team is waiting for you as always in the warm and hospitable environment of Apovrado. The homemade dishes with emphasis on the purest ingredients, the good wine from the selected wine cellar and the affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Kommeno, 26610 91322
At Barbati beach with the turquoise waters, there is a beach bar and restaurant for every moment of your summer. Refreshing drinks, comfortable sunbeds, intoxicating aura and unique flavours based on modern Greek cuisine are just some of the reasons why Verde Blu is the place to be this summer. Unique dishes based on Greek Mediterranean and international cuisine, under the supervision of the executive chef and his team for a delightful a la carte lunch or dinner, where fresh fish is served daily with a view of the Ionian Sea. All of the above is wonderfully paired with a cocktail or wine from Verde Blu's updated selection.

Barbati, 6982432409
It gives you the illusion of a tropical landscape, while offering you all the comforts from day to night. The wood and stone in the decor remind you that Savannah Seaside Restaurant & Spirits is one with the sea. From your morning coffee to your dinner and evening entertainment, this new place is what you are looking for to experience beautiful moments with a view of the sea. In this sophisticated and exquisitely decorated environment you will enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in a fusion mood. The menu is dominated by Greek products. It combines more classic with modern dishes, playing a lot with Greek products. The chef approaches international specialties with creativity which you can accompany with excellent signature cocktails.

Sidari, 6941654702
At the beginning of 1973 two brothers, Nikatsas and Andreas, decided to open a small family tavern. They wanted to offer to the first tourists who arrived in Corfu, authentic traditional food made with tender loving care. In 2002, Kerasia Tavern was passed on to the next generation, who with 40 years of experience continue to serve customers fresh food with the smell from the sea.

Kerasia, 26630 81521
The seaside Asteria Restaurant in Ipsos is the ideal place for you, your friends and your family. Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon apart from fine cuisine, you can enjoy live music and have fun with amazing Greek folk songs. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy excellent dishes with the restaurant proposing delicious seafood mezes and Corfiot dishes for appetizers.

Ipsos harbour, 6987125481
You will have a great time there, especially on Saturday evenings when there is live music. The cosmopolitan finesse of this meze-restaurant is intertwined with the traditional character of Acharavi village. A tavern so beautiful and welcoming invites you to enjoy fine flavours of the sea in the summer. The more demanding ones can taste a large selection of fine Greek and local wines. As for the dishes, it serves fine mezes and seafood - all prepared with love and care!

Acharavi, 26630 29369
An authentic Greek tavern where the traditional environment combined with the warm welcome of the owners allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening and an unforgettable meal. During your holidays in Corfu, Alexandros Tavern offers a great opportunity to taste Greek specialties and all the famous recipes of Corfu. This tavern offers a wide variety of Greek appetizers and we recommend as a main course the sofrito or the famous pastitsada or lamb baked in the oven with potatoes. You can also order various types of grilled meats such as local sausages, pork steak and lamb. The owners of the restaurant buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen to offer it to the customers the same evening. Thus, it is not certain that there will be fish on the menu, as it depends on the catch of the day. It seems to have rightly won the authentic Greek cuisine gold award from the global Greek Taste Beyond Borders organisation.

Dassia, 26610 97661
Overlooking the sea and the old Fortress, Garitsa looks like an idyllic destination for food. But the locals have in the bay of Garitsa a place for fresh fish and seafood, which goes by the name of "Ta psarakia tsi Garitsas" (The fish of Garitsa). It is guaranteed that the seafood will be fresh since it is located near the sea, but also because this family business has a long-standing relationship with the fishermen of the area. Mezes, a tasty snack for your tsipouro and wine, are served directly from the boats to your table right in front of the water.

Alkiviadou Dari 7-9, 6948509095
In one of the most idyllic locations of Corfu, where the smell of the sea and the unsurpassed view will complete your outing, is the historic Mouragia tavern and ouzo restaurant. It is a traditional gathering place for locals as since 1991 it offers quality, taste with respect to tradition and above all authenticity in the friendliest environment.  From early in the afternoon until late at night in the Mouragia tavern you will find classic Corfiot dishes such as sofrito, pastitsada, tsigareli and bourdeto, fine fish meze for your ouzo and a huge variety of appetizers, stews and grilled dishes. Discover a rich menu as whatever your appetite may be, you will find it there. Everything at Mouragia restaurant is made with the purest ingredients with emphasis on the localness and tradition of Corfu.

Mouragia, Arseniou 15, 26610 33815
Amongst the half-ruined Venetian buildings of Old Perithia there is a little tavern named "The Foros". Mr. Thomas is waiting for you in his restaurant where tradition is present both in the decoration and the deliciousness of the dishes. Whoever visits Foros remains always more than satisfied since the mezes, the stews, the pies and all the other dishes delight everyone. Everything is made using the best local products. Thus, it is certain that the quality, taste and smell will be unforgettable. Don't forget to try the onion pie, the lamb, the traditional pastitsada, the tsigareli and the unique stifado. Foros always says goodbye to its guests with its amazing walnut pie with honey syrup!

Old Perithia, 6955950459
On the outskirts of Pantokrator there is a family-run tavern that could be described as a tasting station full of tradition and authenticity. The Boozoovey Tavern is a beautiful place on the mountain where magic literally happens in the kitchen as the flavours enchant everyone with their rich taste. Supporting exclusively Greek and local producers, it always seeks the best ingredients since its priority is not only to keep the tradition through authentic recipes from generation to generation, but also to maintain quality just as the old ones did. From enamelware you will eat authentic Corfiot recipes and many more drawn from the traditional Greek cuisine - handmade pies, local specialties, fresh hand-cut fries fried with pure virgin olive oil and handmade bread baked early in the morning.

Petalia, 26630 74016
Costas Steak House was established in 1974 in Liapades and it is a place that all meat lovers must visit. There you will have the opportunity to taste incredible quality meats since there is a whole philosophy behind the preservation and grilling. Starting from the vegetables and fresh appetizers, all picked from the family's garden, it is one of the top tasting destinations for those who want to enjoy flavours like at home, as there is a family atmosphere full of smiles. A unique menu curated by chef Peter Agathos who started his career working alongside renowned head chef of the 34 Mayfair restaurant Harvey Ayliffe and made his way up to junior sous chef working in some of London's finest restaurants. At Costas Steak House you will find chargrilled steaks, homemade burgers and dishes made with local ingredients straight from their garden.

Liapades, 26630 41093
It is a beautiful, authentic tavern with modern elements and history in the area. Troumpeta Tavern has a specially designed outdoor area and a beautiful spacious courtyard surrounded by huge trees and grass, making it the ideal place to visit with friends and family. You can taste the famous fresh ribs, steaks, sausages and many other meats cooked on the grill or the most delicious specialties cooked with love such as stew, sofrito, pastitsada etc, a variety of mezes, local feta cheese, various pies, wild greens (horta), tsigareli, hand-cut French fries and anything else you may desire, always paired with their own white or red wine. The owners have been welcoming their customers for years with the warmest smile and everyone leaves happy with the quality and variety they offer.

Troumpeta, 26630 22136
Restaurants and courtyards with a romantic atmosphere, literally under the stars...

What better place for a tasty weekend getaway. One would think that it's definitely a beautiful courtyard. A pleasant surprise awaits you as soon as you walk through the door of Brusco Tavern in Kompitsi. In front of you lies a clean and tidy yard with trees, pots and pergolas. The family of the tavern loves and serves Corfiot cuisine and amongst its many dishes, one can find from tsigareli and traditional pastitsado with rooster to fried triangular cheese pies (tyropitakia). All these with love daily on your plate!

Kompitsi, 26610 52205
At the top of Kastania there is a restaurant that has stolen the hearts of locals and non-locals alike with its food and the incredible panoramic view it offers. At Zervas' restaurant you will find, especially if you are a lover of good local meat, many different kinds of Greek roasts, local specialties, homemade food and family atmosphere. Along with the culinary satisfaction, they focus on the thoughtful decoration and the atmosphere, thus offering a unique experience. The restaurant is suitable for ceremonies and events with a unique view that will leave your guests speechless.

Kastania, 6944661569
One would think that passers-by smell something incredible when they pass in front of Mr. Sakis' tavern in Ag. Sofias St. Pergola Tavern had been offering since 2007 to both locals and non-locals excellent gastronomic traditional dishes. It is worth starting with the rich appetizers and salads and continue with local, Greek specialties or one of the top dishes of the day and, if you are a group, why not enjoy a very rich variety of meats. In short, whoever goes to Pergola has nothing to lose since apart from the excellent quality, there is plenty of tsipouro and good wine!

Ag. Sofias St., 26610 26457
The Artisti restaurant in the romantic Lemonia Square is back this summer with its elaborate menu. With the Italian element dominating both the decoration and the taste, Artisti awaits you daily from noon to night to enjoy traditional Italian dishes. Both the kind staff and the excellent quality of the raw materials promise to enrich your lunch or dinner. So get ready for the most delicious trip to neighbouring Italy literally under the stars and with the buildings of Corfu Old Town in the background!

Lemonia Square, 26610 80969
Enimerosi Publications would like to wish you a happy summer and an exciting journey of flavours!