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Municipal Development Agency takes over Vidos shuttle service

Vidos Island
05 Apr 2023 / 11:38

CORFU. The Municipal Council decided to terminate the contract with the skipper and assign the shuttle service to the newly established Development Agency.

Yesterday, the Central Corfu Municipal Council decided by a majority vote to terminate the contract with the skipper of the boat that runs the shuttle service to Vidos Island.

After the countless difficulties it has faced with regard to the shuttle service, the local authority will finally assign it to the Development Agency so that the boat can now operate exclusively as a municipal enterprise, without going through the municipal bureaucratic procedures.

Financially unsustainable

The skipper had already requested funding from the Municipality for the service, which was not sustainable, last summer. The Municipality could not find a legal way to satisfy his request, resulting in the contractor being asked to terminate the contract.

Giorgos Karydis and the Kaloudis party proposed that the discussion of the issue be postponed to the single-issue meeting scheduled for Vidos on April 24 or 25.

The meeting had been requested by the Ekkinisi party and was accepted by the Presidency. The entire opposition was in agreement with Giorgos Karydis' proposal.


"We must allocate a subsidy for the Development Agency tomorrow morning in order for the boat to operate," said Mayor Meropi Ydraiou. "This cannot happen if the contract is not terminated first." She pointed out that the issue is urgent so that the Agency can proceed with greater flexibility and speed in hiring crew.

20 councillors voted in favour of the proposal of the local authority, and 17 opposition councillors voted for the postponement proposal.

Υπέρ της πρότασης της Δημοτικής Αρχής ψήφισαν 20 σύμβουλοι, έναντι 17 συμβούλων της αντιπολίτευσης που ψήφισαν την πρόταση της αναβολής.