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This year, our thoughts are with the autistic people of Ukraine!

World Autism Day
01 Apr 2022 / 21:23

CORFU. The Corfu Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of those with Special Needs about the World Autism Day.

The United Nations designated April 2 as World Autism Day to provide opportunities for the disability movement and especially for associations and parents of autistic people, to raise awareness, highlight their problems and claim their rights.
Autism is a genetic, lifelong disability that occurs in a large number of people, it is highly variable and refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills and communication and rigidity of thought and behaviour.
Difficulties in the way people with autism perceive and relate to their environment have a serious impact on the family, which, in Greece, is entirely responsible for their care and education. Because of its complexity, autism is one of the most difficult disabilities. Lifelong education is the only way for people with autism to develop their potential and relieve their families. In a friendly, structured and protected environment they can significantly develop their level of functioning and become productive.
Despite the great struggle of the disability movement in Greece, the majority of people with autism continue to not participate in the educational process, not receive specialised vocational training in protected and productive environments. The Supported Living Homes are still inadequate for when the family will no longer be able to take care of these people, while there is also a general lack of measures and support structures for parents and families of people with autism, which must be created.
What we, the parents of people with autism, but also with severe and multiple disabilities, have always demanded is for our children to live with dignity, respect and in accordance with the Greek Constitution, legislation and, in particular, the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
This year, our thought is with the autistic people of Ukraine, who either remained in Ukraine or became refugees. They face many problems due to the sudden interruption of their education, creative activities and specialised treatment, which are necessary for their stable mental development and living, but also due to difficulties or lack of communication, which increases the risk even for their own life.   

The President, Spyros Zoumboulidis 
The Secretary, Maria Kontou