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First ever sight-saving retinal surgery at Corfu

04 Mar 2022 / 10:42

CORFU. A complex ophthalmic surgery has been recently carried out to a 37 year old diabetic patient, who had lost her sight due to vitreous haemorrhage associated with tractional retinal detachment.

This was the first ever surgery of this kind to take place at Corfu. The young patient had lost hope of regaining her sight, however the surgery was successful and she now enjoys functional vision.

The surgery was performed at Corfu General Clinic “Alexandros Mastoras” by the UK trained ophthalmic surgical team of Mr Emmanouilidis and Mr Giannopoulos (photo). Since 2021 they have been treating surgically challenging ophthalmic cases at Corfu. Many of those operations, due to the use of air gazes, make air travel prohibited for the patients. Even travelling by car is contraindicated if mountains are on the way, as changes in altitude can have a disastrous effect on the surgical outcome.

The aformentioned procedure is an addition to other complex ophthalmic surgeries for sight- threatening conditions such as retinal detachment, epiretinal membrane, maculas hole, vitreous haemorrhage and challenging cataract cases, already carried out by their team at Corfu General Clinic. Complex ophthalmic surgeries not only require extensive training, but also cutting edge technology and infrastructure, that has already been installed by the team of Emmanouilidis – Giannopoulos and supported by a leader group in healthcare based in Athens.

Corfu General Clinic “Alexandros Mastoras” has embraced the pioneering project of the team Emmanouilidis – Giannopoulos and continues to offer high standards of medical care to the local community through innovation and collaborations.