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72 visiting Serbian school pupils meet with Municipal Authority

01 Sep 2021 / 11:41

CORFU. A group of 72 Serbian school pupils and 7 teachers are currently visiting Corfu.

Deputy Mayor for Development Panayiota Tzanne, Municipal Councillor for Education Maria Zervou and the Director of the Municipal Art Gallery Spyros Moraitis welcomed the pupils and teachers in the People's Garden yesterday.

The 72 junior high school pupils are in Corfu as part of an annual programme organised by the Serbian Ministry of Education for pupils to learn about Corfu and the two peoples' common history.

The pupils and teachers were given a guided tour of the gallery's special anniversary exhibition "Echoes of the Struggle" by the historian and curator Dimitris Zimaris.

The group was accompanied by the special adviser to the Serbian Patriarchate Ntimitri Stikic.