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Greek Revolution comes to life on San Giacomo Old Town Hall

Greek Revolution
13 Jun 2021 / 10:54

CORFU. The audiovisual "Desire for Freedom" is being projected onto the Old Town Hall this weekend.

This weekend the Greek Revolution is coming to life on iconic buildings in 18 towns throughout Greece, including the Old Town Hall in Corfu, as part of the anniversary celebrations organised by the 'Greece 2021' Committee.

Using the technique of projection mapping, "Desire for Freedom" is an audiovisual presentation of the fight for freedom in 1821 using works of art.

The projection is happening simultaneously on 18 buildings throughout Greece with the main one being the Greek Parliament. Along with the history of the Revolution, the projections also include elements of the modern history of each town. This is the biggest projection mapping project to have taken place in Greece and was produced by the Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory (TUC TIE Lab) at Crete University School of Architecture.

The Municipalities themselves chose the buildings to be used and there was close collaboration between the 'Greece 2021' Committee and the local authorities for the preparations.

The projection presents the 1821 Revolution starting with the pre-revolution years and ending in the creation of the modern Greek State.

The materials used are works of art, books and official documents. Over 300 engravings and paintings were used from museums, municipalities and private collections in Greece and abroad. TUC TIE Lab used the method of visual layering to 'give life' to the works of art, providing depth, movement and sound with animation techniques.

The viewer has the opportunity to see scenes of life in Greece before the Revolution and follow the events leading up to it, such as the founding of the Society of Friends and the uprising in the Danubian Principalities (Moldavia). Defining moments in the Revolution have been dramatised, such as the Battle of Dervenakia and the exodus of Messolonghi and viewers can also learn about the first national assemblies, Philhellenism and the Independence Protocol.

The projections were adapted to the size and shape of each building, taking into account not only length and width, but also other features such as windows, building material, lighting etc.

Digital presentation

Approximately one month after the projections, an app will become available which, using augmented reality, will allow residents and visitors to the 18 towns to watch the presentation that is being projected on 12 and 13 June on their mobile devices and tablets.

After downloading the free app the user will be able to watch the presentation by standing at a specific spot in front of the building and pointing the device at it. There will also be information available about the activities of the 'Greece 2021' Committee.

The app will be available for mobile phones and tablets, Android and iOS, Greek and English.